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Robotic-Assisted Total Knee Replacement

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Welcome to our patient-focused guide dedicated to Robotic-Assisted Total Knee Replacement!

Welcome to our patient-focused guide dedicated to Robotic-Assisted Total Knee Replacement!

If you’re considering Knee Replacement surgery and seeking the latest advancements in surgical technology, Robotic-Assisted Total Knee Replacement might be the ideal solution for you.

Robotic-Assisted Total Knee Replacement is an innovative approach that combines the expertise of our skilled orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Bonner, with cutting-edge robotic technology. This advanced technique allows for a higher level of precision, accuracy, and customization during the surgery, resulting in potentially improved outcomes and faster recovery times.
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State-of-the-Art Robotic Technology

We are proud to offer our patients access to state-of-the-art robotic technology, guided by our skilled and compassionate team. With a focus on personalized care and exceptional surgical techniques, Dr. Bonner is committed to helping you regain mobility, reduce pain, and enhance your overall quality of life through Robotic-Assisted Total Knee Replacement.

Dr. Bonner: A Commitment to Excellence

Dr. Bonner prides himself as a patient-centric surgeon and will take the time to understand your unique needs, answer your questions, and tailor the treatment plan to best suit your individual situation. His dedication to personalized care and advanced surgical techniques has earned him the trust and appreciation of countless patients.

As you embark on this journey towards improved knee health, we invite you to explore this guide and learn more about how robotic technology is transforming the landscape of Knee Replacement surgery. Rest assured that our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way, from your initial consultation to your full recovery.

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What is Robotic-Assisted Total Knee Replacement?

Robotic-Assisted Total Knee Replacement is an advanced surgical procedure that combines the expertise of a skilled orthopedic surgeon like Dr. Bonner with the precision and guidance of robotic technology. During the surgery, Dr. Bonner uses a robotic system to assist in planning and performing the Knee Replacement, ensuring the most accurate placement of the artificial components.

Robotic-Assisted Total Knee Replacement system assists Dr. Bonner in optimizing surgical outcomes. It does this by using intra-operative data that’s unique to you. Dr. Bonner utilizes the technology during your procedure to enhance the accuracy and precision of your knee replacement to help you start moving again.

  1. Intra-operative Planning: During the surgery, Dr. Bonner will map out detailed anatomic landmarks specific to you that are then used to create a personalized 3D model of your knee joint.
  2. Virtual Planning: Using the 3D model, Dr. Bonner can virtually simulate the surgery and plan the optimal placement of the artificial knee components. This step allows for precise measurements and adjustments tailored to your unique anatomy.
  3. Robotic Assistance: During the actual surgery, the robotic system guides Dr. Bonner’s movements based on the preoperative plan. The robotic arm acts as a tool to execute the planned cuts and prepare the bone surfaces to accommodate the artificial knee components. However, Dr. Bonner is still in control and performing the surgery itself. 
  4. Real-Time Feedback: Throughout the procedure, the robotic system provides real-time data and feedback Dr. Bonner, enabling them to make immediate adjustments and ensure the utmost accuracy in implant positioning.
  1. Improved Precision: The robotic system helps Dr. Bonner achieve more precise cuts and implant positioning, potentially leading to a better-fitting knee replacement.
  2. Personalized Approach: The procedure is tailored to your specific anatomy, ensuring a more customized fit and alignment.
  3. Faster Recovery: Some patients may experience a quicker recovery due to reduced tissue trauma and more accurate implant placement.
  4. Long-Term Outcomes: The precise alignment and fit provided by Robotic-Assisted Total Knee Replacement may contribute to the longevity of the Knee Replacement.

Most patients that are a candidate for a primary, or first-time, Knee Replacement are a candidate for a Robotic-Assisted Total Knee Replacement.

However, not everyone is a candidate for Robotic-Assisted Total Knee Replacement. Dr. Bonner will evaluate your individual condition, medical history, and knee anatomy to determine if this approach is suitable for you.

No. There is no need for any special or additional imaging before the procedure.

Our Robotic-Assisted Total Knee Replacement system works by Dr. Bonner mapping out your specific anatomic landmarks in the operating room at the time of surgery to build a 3D model of your knee.

Most patients are now going home the same day or the next day after surgery. Patients often use a walker for the first 1-2 weeks to help provide some added stability and balance and progressively graduate to a cane and then off any assistive devices as you are able.

Physical therapy will play a crucial role in your rehabilitation process. After your stay in the hospital we will set up physical therapy to go to your home for the first two weeks. After two weeks, you will graduate to outpatient physical therapy to continue to work on your range of motion and strengthening. This can be done at a facility close to your home.

The first six weeks are especially important in maximizing how straight your knee can go (extension) and bend back (flexion). As you progress you can also begin to get back to your activities such as walking, hiking, golf and more!

Remember, Knee Replacement is a carefully considered option, and not everyone with knee pain requires surgery. Dr. Bonner will evaluate your individual case and discuss the best treatment plan for you.

We utilize the VELYS™ Robotic-Assisted Solution Designed for Digital Precision in Knee Replacement from Depuy Synthes, The Orthopedics Company of Johnson and Johnson.

Every knee is different, as is every patient requiring a knee replacement procedure. That is why the VELYS™ Robotic-Assisted Solution was designed to help surgeons perform a knee replacement with the use of data that’s tailored to each patient’s anatomy, which may help provide predictable results to improve outcomes, increase mobility, and help patients recover faster. 

The VELYS™ Robotic-Assisted Solution is designed for digital precision, which is essential for improving comfort and the overall experience of total knee replacement surgery. This specific Robotic-Assisted device: 

  • Helps the surgeon optimize the outcome with the use of data that’s unique to the patient’s anatomy 
  • Keeps the surgeon in control during the procedure and doesn’t move or operate on its own 

The VELYS Robotic-Assisted Solution uses a variety of advanced technologies to ensure the surgeon has the information they need and the tools to perform a highly accurate and precise knee replacement.

How it works: 

  • Aids the surgeon by accessing state-of-the-art technology to provide insights for real-time decision making 
  • Helps the surgeon remove the damaged bone with accuracy 
  • Uses an infrared camera and optical trackers to help the surgeon achieve a high precision level 

The VELYS Robotic-Assisted Solution works in tandem with the ATTUNE™ Knee System, which is an innovative knee implant designed to work more closely with an individual patient’s anatomy. 

The VELYS™ Robotic-Assisted Solution may be an option for patients who are seeking the latest technology designed to provide digital precision in knee replacement.


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